Black Mountain, Tennessee (TN)


Black Mountain, Tennessee
United States
35° 52' 4.08" N, 84° 53' 38.76" W

Haley Mountain and Black Mountain dominate the view from the south in Crab Orchard, Tennessee. Nestled at the base of both mountains, it is just a short drive to some spectacular rock climbing and bouldering. Here in Crab Orchard you will find a rare type of sandstone to climb on, which was first used in local structures and sidewalks in the late 19th century, the Crab Orchard stone gained popularity in the 1920’s when it was used in the construction of Scarritt College in Nashville. Numerous buildings in Crossville, including the Cumberland County Courthouse, have been constructed with Crab Orchard stone. Crab Orchard is also home to a large limestone mine operated by Franklin Industrial Minerals. Although unique, this type of sandstone can be hard on the hands.

Climbing Routes

Boulders- V5-V3

  • Al-Jazeera- V5 Just to the right side of the big roof boulder, you will find the problem waiting to be solved. A lot of power straight up to the crimps will help you finish it out.
  • First Blood- V3 This pebbly crimp ladder will require a nice belly crawl towards the end.

Punk Rock- 5.6-5.10a

  • Bucket of Slime- 5.9 Not a common route, but obviously worth your time. Check it out. (Top Rope)
  • Thrilla Gorilla- 5.7 No ascent notes found, but if you climb it, let us know! (Top Rope)
  • Romper Route- 5.6 A great beginner route here at Black Mountain. (Top Rope)
  • Redneck Culture- 5.10 The most difficult route here at Crab Orchard. Let us know what you think. (Top Rope)

The Maze- 5.9-5.12b (Top Rope Climbing at it’s best)

  • Casper- 5.9
  • Chutes and Ladders- 5.11c
  • Digitalus- 5.12a
  • Dildos and Dykes- 5.10b
  • Good Ole- 5.10a
  • Leviathan- 5.10a
  • Mac Secrets- 5.9
  • Mazealeum- 5.12b
  • A Lesson in Slopers- 5.12b
  • Airotica- 5.10a
  • Blow Up Babe- 5.11b
  • Byzantium Blues- 5.11a
  • Candyland- 5.12b

Tityos Block- Back Area- 5.10-5.12a (More Top Rope!)

  • Demosthenes- 5.11d
  • Egyptian Surfer- 5.11c
  • Poseidon- 5.11d
  • Prophylactic Acid- 5.10a
  • Tantalus- 5.11c
  • Thanatopsis- 5.10a
  • The Sphinx Winked- 5.12a
  • Tityos- 5.12a

Overlook Area- 5.5-5.10b (Top Rope)

  • Clueless- 5.5
  • Danny Lama- 5.10a
  • Face Value- 5.9
  • MB's Layback- 5.9
  • Wipe Your Feet- 5.10b

Graceland-Outer Area- 5.6-5.11d (Top Rope)

  • Atlas was Here- 5.11d
  • Captain Kurt- 5.9
  • Crazy Horse- 5.8
  • Elvis Never Wore..- 5.9
  • Elvis the Messiah- 5.6
  • Elvis' Love Child- 5.7
  • Geothermal- 5.6
  • Killarete- 5.8
  • Kool Beans- 5.10a
  • Krackatoa- 5.8
  • Last of the Dixie- 5.7
  • Love and Abuse- 5.9
  • Mother Nature- 5.6
  • Muff Diver- 5.10a
  • Neither Desperate..- 5.4
  • Omally- 5.10a
  • On Golden Blond- 5.10c
  • Party Hawaiian- 5.9
  • Pud or Pusoit- 5.7
  • Raped by Rap- 5.7
  • Rock and Roel- 5.8
  • Sandstone Jungle- 5.10a
  • Secret Story- 5.8
  • The Kingdom- 5.11a
  • Timotel- 5.11d
  • Wackman- 5.8
  • You Ain't Nothin- 5.10a

Candy Crack Block (Back Area- 5.6-5.10a (Top Rope)

  • Candy Crack- 5.6
  • First Date- 5.10a
  • Instant America- 5.8
  • Social Club- 5.7
  • Sugar Shop- 5.9
  • Ye Gods- 5.10a

Crossville KOA
6575 Highway 70 East
Crossville, TN 38555
Phone: (800) 562-0836
Information: (931) 707-5349

Hotels and Lodging
Romantic Cottages B & B
2392 Possum Trot Road
Grandview TN 37337
Office number: (423) 365 4412
Cell Phone: (423) 618 1932

From Knoxville take I-40 west. About 45 minutes from the city take the Crab Orchard exit, and head south. The road turns sharply around a right corner after less than a quarter mile. Stay on this road for about 2 miles until you come to a fork in the road. Take the LEFT fork. You will go up the mountain passing a big wooden Methodist Church sign that says Black Mountain on it. Continue up the hill until the road dead ends at a FAA tower. Park in the small lot, and take the path to the left. After about 2 minutes you will be to the bluff.

Latitude: 35.8678
Longitude: -84.8941