Bridle Trails Rocks, Ohio (OH)


Bridle Trails Rocks, Ohio
22245 SR 78 Nelson, Ohio
United States
41° 21' 18.7092" N, 80° 58' 25.914" W

Nestled along the Hocking River in Southeast Ohio, sits the historic college town of Athens, Ohio, home to Ohio State University as well as the Bridle Trails Rocks.  The Mound Builders were groups of Native Americans who built large earthen mounds along the Mississippi and Ohio River Tributary Systems. Together these groups left behind thousands of mounds in the eastern United States. While these groups were spread out throughout this region, some lived in and around Athens, Ohio, from about 1000 B.C. to A.D. 700, producing over two hundred mounds in Athens County alone. The underlying geology is mostly sandstone and shale, including "redbed" shale that presents a severe slip hazard when structures are built over it on hillsides. However, there are safe zones above sandstone beds, most notably the Connelsville Sandstone that outcrops high on the hillsides.  The Bridal Trails Rocks offer one majestic boulder with many climbing possibilities. There is also lots of cliff line along the opposing hill heading downstream towards the lake.

Climbing Routes

Gravestone- V0-V? This freestanding boulder at the bottom of the trail next to the creek has provided many interesting problems for embarking boulderers.

  • Project 1- Not Rated The tree side ridge and flat shelf offers a nice chance for a fun dyno.
  • Project 2- Not Rated Start this one off with a heel hook to the right shelf.
  • Project 3- Not Rated Top out on the tree side of this problem.
  • Rest In Peace- V0 This easy learning problem has a couple of nice mantles.
  • Stairway to Heaven- V1 Beginners will learn some nice moves and end with a mantle.

Happy Hills Campground
22245 SR 78
Nelson, Ohio
Phone- 740-385-6720

Ohio University Inn
331 Richland Avenue
Athens, Ohio 45701
Phone- 866-593-6661

From 33 take 50/32 east to 691. Drive North and take the next left (to Strouds Run). Head west until you see the sign for the bridle trails (veer to the left) and head down to you see a gravel turn around area. Park here and walk about 200 foot down the road to the trail sign, and head down the hill. There is a larger overhang area off to the left of the trail that isn't visible. Head down the trail and take the branch to the right. The boulder will be down there next to the stream.