Buzzard Point, Tennessee (TN)


Buzzard Point, Tennessee
United States
35° 49' 50.16" N, 84° 48' 4.68" W

Just north of Chattanooga, inside of the Pocket Wilderness, lies Buzzard Point. This rock climbing location is worth it not only for the climbs, but for the amazing view that you will soak in while adventuring these rocks. Lots of moderate to difficult sport routes with some great crack lines are simply one hundred percent worth the trek it takes to locate Buzzard Point. The term Pocket Wilderness is a name used by Bowater corporation and the State of Tennessee for any of several tracts of Bowater-owned private land on and near the Cumberland Plateau that the company set aside beginning in 1970 "for preservation in its natural state, with no logging or development other than hiking trails permitted within its boundaries" and registered as Tennessee state natural areas. Several areas formerly managed as Bowater pocket wilderness are now incorporated into state-owned natural areas or National Park Service sites.

Climbing Routes

Cliff Line- 5.6-5.12c TONS of amazing sport routes are waiting for you to conquer them here at the Cliff Line. Be ready, they are some of the most difficult in Tennessee.

  • A.I.D.S Crack- 5.7
  • Abe's Lincoln- 5.10a
  • After the fire- 5.10d
  • Americus- 5.9
  • Au Natural- 5.13c
  • Bird in hand- 5.11a
  • Boys of Aragon- 5.8
  • Coral Methane- 5.10d
  • Crankasaurus- 5.11a
  • Dakota Blues- 5.8
  • Dance with the..- V1
  • Dead Parent's..- 5.11a
  • Dynosaurus- 5.10c
  • Fantasia- 5.12a
  • Formula rock- 5.11b
  • Foxe's Earth- 5.10d
  • Freddie's Mercury- 5.9
  • French Curl- 5.6
  • Gargantua- 5.12a
  • Grand Arch- 5.9
  • Guns For Higher
  • Harrison's Ford- 5.9
  • Humpty pumpty- 5.12c
  • I should have- 5.8
  • Infant of fusion- 5.9
  • King of Dreams- 5.11a
  • Knoxrageous- 5.12a
  • legends in their- 5.11a
  • Loonasaurus- 5.11b
  • Megasaurus- 5.8
  • Meridians of light- 5.12c
  • Nomadasaurus- 5.10a
  • Nubian Tribes- 5.11b
  • Off YER Rocker- 5.10c
  • Oh Man- 5.13a
  • Paul and Todd's- 5.11b
  • Peakcocks- 5.7
  • Pieta- 5.14a
  • Prime Time- 5.12a
  • Pussyfied- 5.9
  • Quark- 5.10c
  • R and R productions- 5.12b
  • Rainbow Inn- 5.10a
  • Reception- 5.8
  • Refridgerator Crack- 5.12a
  • Rhea County Gun..- 5.12c
  • Royal Flesh- 5.10d
  • Sampson's Gym- 5.11b
  • Sand dollars- 5.9

The Boulder- 5.8-5.11b

  • Atilla the Hun- 5.11b
  • Beefaroni- 5.10d
  • Conan the..- 5.10d
  • Defpotec- 5.11c
  • Geekis Khan- 5.11b
  • Have a Vol tonight- 5.8
  • Jack the Stripper- 5.10d
  • Vols and Chains- 5.8
  • Vols to the Wall- 5.8

Primitive Camping is allowed at Buzzard Point, but you should get a permit.

Hotels and Lodging
You may choose to get a hotel in Chattanooga or Dayton, both are about equal driving distance and there are several to choose from in the area, way too many to list.

From Chattanooga take Highway 27 N bearing right on the Dayton Bypass to the Medical center. Turn left on Walnut Grove Rd. Follow 1.5 miles, left on Black Valley Road, 1 mile than turn right onto Richland Creek Road, follow to parking/picnic area, trail follow creek across footbridge to a fork, take a left roughly 1 mile to cliff.

Latitude: 35.8306
Longitude: -84.8013


My climbing group and I are planning a trip near here soon and would like to stay at the crags over night. Does anyone know from where I can get a permit to camp? Thanks.