Clack Mountain, Kentucky (KY)


Clack Mountain, Kentucky
United States
38° 7' 34.32" N, 83° 24' 39.6" W

Legends of disappearing trees and occult activity are said to haunt Clack Mountain, or maybe they are just stories that the climbers have made up to keep the boulders to themselves.  Either way, Clack Mountain offers some terrific bouldering opportunities and slabs that will test you and help you to define your greatness.  Clack Mountain is primarily known for a bluegrass music festival that takes place there every summer.  The most populous city near Clack Mountain is Morehead, home to Cave Run Lake and some of the best scenery at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

Climbing Routes

3 Pocket Boulder- V5-V8 A steep boulder with a legendary problem.

  • 3 Pocket Problem- V5 Noted as one of the best pocket problems in Kentucky, this problem has intriguing moves over the lip and will definitely take more than one try to solve.
  • Accordian Project- V8 Be prepared to stretch and control your swings here.
  • Three Pocket Long- V7 This 15 foot boulder has some very tricky foot moves.  Always think before you move…look before you leap.

The Prow- V6-V9 This cliffside boulder shaped like the bow of a ship holds two mesmerizing problems that will prove to be the area’s most difficult to solve.

  • McGuire- V9 The crimp that comes after a few intoxicating moves may trick you if you are not careful.
  • Ass Mechanic Boulder- V3-V4 This is an overhung 3 foot tall boulder.
  • Ass Mechanic- V3 Stretch your body and keep your “ass” off the ground to solve this problem.
  • Deuce Mechanic- V4 Start the same as the Ass Mechanic but end by hugging the mantle.

The Motherlode Boulder- V0-V5 Steep pulls will challenge boulderers on this sandstone rock.

  • Overhung V4- V5 Two strenuous moves cause debate on whether this problem is a V4 or V5.  Whichever one you think it is, the top out is the deciding factor. 
  • Eliminates- V3 Look for the iron cross move in the middle of this boulder.
  • Motherlode Slab- V0 Quick and Easy, great for beginners.

Back in the Dave Boulder- V1-V8 Each climb on this boulder holds a different problem.

  • Warm Up Slab- V1 The first move may make this problem seem like it is harder than a V1 but after that its easy going.
  • Nowhere to Go- V5 It is said that most people cannot figure out this mantle.  Will it stump you?
  • Back in the Dave- V8 The small pocket and killer slopers will keep this problem exciting for any climber.

The Cleanest Boulder in Kentucky- V0-V4 A very easy rock with lots of formations.

  • Cleanest Arete- V2 The pockets on the top of the boulder will help you.
  • Fick Problem- V4 Do not let the crimps discourage you and stay secure on the lunge.
  • Warm-Ups- V0 Start on the ground and warm it on up.

Backside- V8 This problem sits away from the rest and may hold the most mystery of all.

  • Evangelist- V8  This is large sedimentary rock with a nice shelf and the root of the problem is the stand start.
  • Mantle Boulder-  V2 This sharp boulder holds only one problem.
  • Don McGlone Mantle Problem- V2 Big holds with and easy top out.

Ramp Boulder- V1-V3 This rock actually looks like a ramp and rests in all day shade.

  • The Big Easy One- V1 A classic problem requiring lots of balance.
  • Straight Up- V3 A great first move with a great top out. 
  • The Ramp- V3 Another simple problem with another fun top out.

Tall Boulder- V4  Yes, this is a pretty tall boulder, with one pretty tall problem.

  • Entrance Highball- V4 A massive jug awaits, but beware of the flakes.

Poppy Mountain Campground
3715 US 60, East Morehead, KY 40351
Phone- 606-780-4192

Cave Run Resort and Stables
1032 McClain Cemetery Rd. #1 Salt Lick, KY 40371

Latitude: 38.1262
Longitude: -83.411