Europa Nickajack Lake, Tennessee (TN)


Europa Nickajack Lake, Tennessee
United States
35° 0' 15.12" N, 85° 37' 9.84" W

Nickajack Lake is the reservoir created by Nickajack Dam as part of the Tennessee Valley Authority. The lake stretches from Nickajack Dam to Chickamauga Dam, and runs along the shores of Chattanooga, TN. The stretch of the Tennessee River commonly referred to as the "Grand Canyon of Tennessee" also is part of Nickajack Lake. The word Nickajack referred generally to the rugged Appalachian foothills in Eastern Tennessee and Northeast Alabama. A popular story about the origin for the name is that the town was named after "Jack Civil", supposedly a free black man who led a renegade band of white and black fugitives and Cherokee and Creek warriors in "Five Lower Towns" on the Tennessee River west and southwest of Chattanooga during the Chickamauga wars. The warriors were actually Cherokee led by Dragging Canoe, though small groups of Shawnee and Muscogee lived and fought with them, in addition to occasional large bands of Muskogee as allies, renegade whites, white traders, Spanish, French, and British agents, and runaway slaves (at least in the earlier years).  There are a few of the toughest limestone climbing routes in Tennessee here at Europa, just next to Nickajack Lake.

Climbing Routes

Main Buttress- 5.12a-5.13a

  • Alien Sex Fiend- 5.12c This one will take more than one try to send. (Sport)
  • My Girlfriend’s From Outer Space- 5.12a Strong fingers will be necessary during this climb. (Sport)
  • Necromancer- 5.12d This super overhanging jug haul will require you to perform a balancing act for sure. (Sport)
  • Strychnine/Voodoo Chile- 5.13c Long reaches and desperate clings will have you wondering if you should have ever attempted this climb in the first place. (Sport)
  • Transportorgasm- 5.13a Get your endurance ticket checked at the door because this climb is as challenging as it is fun. (Sport)

Right Buttress- 5.7-5.12d

  • Gully - 5.7 A great warm up route. (Sport)
  • Heroin - 5.12a The small roof leads to a scary and technical climb with small footholds.  (Sport)
  • Warm UP - 5.10a Another fun climb for warm ups or learning. (Sport)

Hales Bar Marina and Resort
1265 Hales Bar Rd.
Guild, Tennessee, 37340
Phone- 423-942-9000

This area is located right on Nickajack Lake off of I-24.

Latitude: 35.0042
Longitude: -85.6194