Foster Falls, Tennessee (TN)


Foster Falls, Tennessee
United States
35° 10' 54.12" N, 85° 40' 32.88" W

In 1840 local boys digging a groundhog out of the ground discovered coal. In the early 1870's Tracy City an experimental blast furnace was built by Samuel Jones and owned by the Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Company. The furnace, called "Fiery Gizzard", was built to see if local coal would be used to produce iron. All of this exploring and a lot of natural wonder left Tracy City with one of Tennessee’s premiere sport rock climbing locations, Foster Falls. High quality lines surround the falls and are embraced with gorgeous views and fantastic waterfalls and caves to explore after a long day on the crags. This location proves to be a great spot for indoor climbers to make the switch to the great outdoors.

Climbing Routes

The Wall Of Useless Conflict- 5.7-5.10c (Sport)

  • Good vs Evil- 5.10c
  • He said, she said- 5.9
  • Holy War- 5.9
  • Midnight Plowboy- 5.10b
  • Panty Raid- 5.9
  • Sibling Rivalry- 5.7
  • Tit for Tat- 5.10c

So What Area- 5.9-5.12b (Sport)

  • Moving Target- 5.9
  • Reach- 5.12b
  • So What- 5.11b
  • The Hoosier- 5.11c

Sanford Wall- 5.9-5.12c (Sport)

  • Fish-Eyed Fool- 5.10b
  • Grey Matter- 5.9
  • Junkyard- 5.11a
  • Rollo- 5.11a
  • Sanford Wall- 5.12c
  • The Big One- 5.11c
  • You Big Dummy- 5.12a

Right Bunker- 5.10-5.14a (Sport) WATCH OUT FOR THESE TOUGH GUYS!!!

  • Abacus- 5.13a
  • Bottled Up Warrior- 5.12c
  • Dumkopf- 5.11d
  • Ethnic Cleansing- 5.12b
  • Gas Chamber- 5.12d
  • Kill Or Be Killed- 5.13c
  • Lynn's Route- 5.11c
  • Somethings always- 5.10d
  • The Conflict- 5.14a
  • Turbo Dog- 5.13d
  • Turbo-Kill Linkup- 5.14a

Red Light District- 5.8-5.13b (Sport)

  • Proposition #1- 5.12c
  • Autocratic for the- 5.13b
  • Butt Trumpet- 5.12d
  • Cold Shoulder- 5.10c
  • Cornered Market- 5.8
  • Dutch Maiden- 5.10a
  • Guest Appearance- 5.13a
  • Jacob's Ladder- 5.8
  • Mammplitude- 5.10b
  • MILF- 5.9
  • Ms Treated- 5.11a
  • On the Side- 5.8
  • Pocket Pool- 5.9
  • Quickie- 5.11b
  • The Young- 5.9
  • Timeless Christian- 5.9
  • Turnin Tricks- 5.10c
  • Vapor Lock- 5.12a

Rehab Slab- 5.9-5.10a (Sport)

  • Rehab- 5.10a
  • Rolffed- 5.9
  • Therapist- 5.9

Rocket Slab- 5.5-5.12c (Sport)

  • Afterburner- 5.5
  • Gravity Boots- 5.7
  • Launch Pad- 5.12c
  • Rode Hard, Put Up- 5.10b
  • Witchy Women- 5.10c

Snatch Wall- 5.12a-5.13b (Sport)

  • Reptile- 5.12a
  • Snatch- 5.13b

The White Wall- 5.11c-5.13a (Sport) Lots of hard climbs here!

  • Bottom Feeder- 5.12b
  • Filthy Pig- 5.12b
  • First Offense- 5.12a
  • Ground Strike- 5.11d
  • Gun Bunny- 5.12c
  • Hammerhead- 5.11a
  • Handcuffed- 5.11d
  • Satisfaction- 5.12b
  • Stun Gun- 5.12a
  • The Acquittal- 5.11c
  • The Big Bopper- 5.12c
  • Tom and Jerry- 5.13a
  • Wristlets- 5.11c
  • Crime Buttress- 5.11-5.12a (Sport)
  • Framed- 5.12a
  • Grand Larceny- 5.12a
  • Greed- 5.11c
  • Heart of Gold- 5.12a
  • If I Had A Shotgun- 5.11d
  • Iron Buns- 5.11d
  • Liars- 5.12c
  • Looters- 5.12a
  • So What- 5.11b
  • Standing Room Only- 5.11a
  • Thieves- 5.12b

Dog Boy Village- 5.6-5.10d (Sport)

  • Everybody Likes- 5.9
  • Finding the Trust- 5.10d
  • Golden Girl- 5.10c
  • Half Man- 5.10c
  • half-man/half-beast- 5.11a
  • Keeping it Straight- 5.9
  • Pump me 'till I'm- 5.10d
  • RJ Cam- 5.8
  • Ruff and Nasty- 5.8
  • Sidewinder- 5.9
  • Sloppy When Wet- 5.6

Gutbuster Area- 5.5-5.13b (Sport)

  • After Burner- 5.5
  • Crunch Junkie- 5.13b
  • Fish-Eyed Fool- 5.10b
  • Gravity Boots- 5.7
  • Grey Matter- 5.9
  • It's All Good- 5.9
  • Moonscape- 5.10b
  • Rode Hard and Put- 5.11a
  • Sport Puppy- 5.9
  • Witchy Woman- 5.10c

Left Bunker- 5.7-5.13d (Sport)

  • After Dark- 5.13b
  • Cock the Hammer- 5.12d
  • Darkie the Bum- 5.13a
  • Eclipse- 5.12d
  • Pre-Marital- 5.10b
  • Squeeze the Trigga- 5.13a
  • The Big Empty- 5.13d
  • Unknown??- 5.7

Paradox Wall- 5.7-5.10c (Sport)

  • Bad Girls are Good- 5.10b
  • Hidden in Plain- 5.10a
  • Hurts so Good- 5.10b
  • Republican- 5.10c
  • See the egress- 5.7
  • Vividly Grey- 5.9

Music City- 5.8-5.11a (Sport)

  • All the way- 5.11a
  • Elephant Ears- 5.9
  • Lay Lady Lay- 5.10a
  • Sweet Surrender- 5.8

Jimmywood- 5.8-5.12a (Sport)

  • Arete Butler- 5.9
  • * Finger Puppets- 5.11a
  • .38 Special- 5.10a
  • Bear Mountain..- 5.8
  • Carpet Bagger- 5.11c
  • Diamond Cutter- 5.10c
  • Earflaps- 5.10b
  • Flim Flam- 5.8
  • La Pistola- 5.12a
  • Mammy- 5.9
  • Miss Prissy- 5.9
  • Miss Scarlet- 5.9
  • Saved by Zeroes- 5.10d
  • Snake Charmer- 5.11a
  • Story of my life- 5.11b
  • The Orange Hat- 5.10b
  • Wedgie- 5.10c
  • Wet Willie- 5.9

First Wall- 5.9-5.10d (Sport)

  • Crawdaddy- 5.10a
  • Pond Scum- 5.10d
  • Skipper- 5.9
  • Tea and Strumpets- 5.10a

Dihedrals- 5.9-5.12d (Sport)

  • Twist and Shout- 5.9
  • Ankles Away- 5.9
  • Atrophy- 5.11c
  • Dihedral- 5.9
  • Foster Child- 5.10d
  • Kids With Guns- 5.12d
  • Narcissism- 5.10b
  • Pillsbury- 5.11a
  • Sponge- 5.12c

There is a pay campground at Foster Falls ($12/site 10 people max) but it is closed in the winter. There are 9 free tent sites available down the trail with a pit toilet at the campsite (limit 4 tents per site). It is less than 1/2 mile to the sites (7 minute hike). Fill out the simple permit at the trailhead. The parking lot has a lot of amenities covered pavilion, picnic tables, heated restrooms, water. These remain open year round. But DO NOT camp in your car in the parking lot. You WILL be asked to leave by a ranger or the park manager who lives in a trailer 100 feet from the lot.

Lodging and Hotels
Monteagle Inn
204 West Main Street
P.O. Box 39
Monteagle, TN 37356
Phone: (931) 924-3869

Directions From Chattanooga, take I-24 West, over Nickajack Lake, toward Jasper. Exit onto TN 28, then exit again into the town of Jasper proper. Follow the signs for TN 150/US41 toward Tracy City. Follow TN 150 to the top of the plateau, passing Mountain Mart on the left. Proceed for three miles to the Foster Falls entrance on the left.

The trail begins at the parking lot and passes under the dining pavilion. At this point, the trail splits and a choice must be made: For a stunning view of Foster Falls, as well as easier access t the farthest climbing areas, then go right along the top of the falls, to cross a metal foot bridge. (This is the Fiery Gizzard Trail, which goes to Grundy Forest State Natural Area). Continue along the trail, following white blazes, past the falls overlook, for about 5 minutes or so, to Climber Access Trail #1. This trail intersects the cliff between the Dihedrals and Jimmywood. Continue further to Climber Trail #2, which intersects the cliff between the Rehab Slab and the Snatch Wall.

Latitude: 35.1817
Longitude: -85.6758