Grandad Bluff, Wisconsin (WI)


Grandad Bluff, Wisconsin
United States
43° 48' 45" N, 91° 12' 21.6" W

The bluffs along this portion of the Mississippi River are Prairie du Chien dolostone capping Cambrian sandstone. Grandad Bluff is a classic mesa, as are all the bluffs along the river. In 1928 there was a movement to change the name to Granddad Mountain, and to change all the Bluffs along the Mississippi to The Mississippi Mountain Range. Bliss Road provides access to the bluff. The road was closed due to the floods of August 2007. However, after major repairs, Bliss Road was reopened to traffic on November 20, 2008. Trucks and buses are still prohibited from using Bliss Road, because of weight limits but the rock climbing is superior.

Climbing Routes

Adidas Wall- 5.8-5.10b

  • Everything Zen- 5.10a A short route with lots of challenging moves. (Sport/Top Rope)
  • Adidas- 5.9 This is a great route with a fun finish. (Sport)
  • Let Your Pimpness Shine- 5.10b The start of this climb is the most difficult part. (Sport)

Witches Cauldren- 5.10c-5.12b

  • Burned at the Stake- 5.12b A nice crack leads to a tricky bulge with an extremely strenuous face climb. (Sport)
  • Foundation- 5.10c This right side wall climb ends with a six foot overhang pull. (Top Rope)
  • Yeast of Burden- 5.10b Here is a crack that is quite difficult and will probably take a few tries to defeat. (Top Rope)

Georges Point- 5.5-5.10c

  • Astro Boy- 5.10c An amazing route that lies in a gully. It can be quite dirty sometimes. (Top Rope)
  • Double Overhang- 5.7 A diagonal climb on a very picturesque rock. (Top Rope)
  • Particle Man- 5.9 This large table top is a great learning route. (Top Rope)
  • The S--- Stain- 5.5 A very dirty and very loose warm up. (Top Rope)
  • Psycho Biker Bitch- 5.9 This climb has a nice center line face route. (Top Rope)

Mushroom Wall- 5.8-5.11d

  • 7 Bolts For Betty- 5.10a A nice, long route on very sturdy rock. (Sport)
  • Donkey Punch- 5.11d Crimpy and technical, this climb is not for beginners. (Sport)
  • Cockblocker- 5.8 Dirty and fun with a nice knee bar opportunity. (Sport)
  • The Stalker- 5.11c A dirty, tricky route that can be made easier if you go right at the roof. (Sport)

Meader Wall- 5.10d-5.13a This is the “original” Grandad’s Bluff.

  • Hawaiian Bill- 5.12b Classic climbing with a sustained crux. (Sport/Top Rope)
  • Ich Bin Expert- 5.11d The higher you climb, the easier it gets. (Sport/Top Rope)
  • Micro Putz- 5.9 Great for learning, this is a short and fun climb. (Sport/Top Rope)
  • Mushroom Route- 5.10a A fun route with big holds and some loose rock. (Sport/Top Rope)
  • Nilhlist- 5.12c Chunky long moves and very strenuous climbing. (Sport/Top Rope)
  • Ninja- 5.12c A huge dyno to a waco will keep you moving. (Sport/Top Rope)
  • Patent Pending- 5.10d Climbing through a cave makes this route interesting. (Sport/Top Rope)
  • Park Tornado- 5.12b Wicked clips and long moves will challenge you on this climb. (Sport/Top Rope)
  • The Man In The Black Pajamas- 5.13a Good rock with thin holds may not be the worst of this monster. (Sport/Top Rope)
  • Brown Reason To Live- 5.12d Cool moves and a killer crank are just the beginning of the excitement that exists on this climb. (Sport/Top Rope)

Goose Island Campground
W6488 County Road GI
Stoddard, WI 54658
Phone: 608-788-7018
(Open April 15 - Oct. 30)

Holiday Inn
200 Pearl Street
La Crosse, WI
Phone- 608-784-4444

From Lacrosse

  1. Head north on West Ave S toward Jackson St
  2. Take the 1st right onto Jackson St
  3. Turn right onto WI-33 E/WI-33 Trunk E/State Rd - Follow WI-33 E/WI-33 Trunk E
  4. Turn left onto Co Rd F
  5. Continue onto Grandad Bluff Rd

Look for the big Flag on top of one of the bluffs.


Latitude: 43.8125
Longitude: -91.206