Laurel Falls, Tennessee (TN)


Laurel Falls, Tennessee
United States
35° 2' 55.32" N, 85° 24' 27.72" W

Hidden in the shadows of the awesome climbing area of Buzzard Point, is a little gem of a rock climbing and bouldering opportunity called Laurel Falls. Possessing some of the most spectacular sandstone in the area, is pure white and superior strength provides some amazing climbing opportunities. This location is somewhat in the boondocks, and definitely more peaceful than the more popular areas, but don’t discount the awesomeness of the climbs that you will find here.

Climbing Routes

The Falls Area- 5.12a-5.12c After about a 45 minute hike through beautiful terrain, you'll come to a beautiful falls and a great bouldering spot. Watch for snakes for they love to sun near the falls and have a great time. The cliff line contains lots of hard sport climbs.

  • Annie Sprinkle's- 5.12d
  • Classical Crack- 5.11c
  • Evolution Number - 5.12c
  • Monkey Boy- 5.12a
  • Origin- 5.12a
  • Arms Control- 5.12d
  • Cracker Jack Kid- 5.13b
  • Cyclops' Belly- 5.13a
  • Shallow Water- 5.12b
  • The Jackal-
  • The Last Boy Scout- 5.12b
  • The Next- 5.12d
  • Webs We Weave- 5.12b

The Power Line Area- 5.9-5.12c

  • Harder- 5.10c
  • Cave Route- 5.12c
  • Laurel- 5.9
  • Ritter's Arete- 5.10c
  • Laurel Falls Snow Bouldering

Project Wall- V8

  • Wild Ape- V8
  • Wild west- V8

River Dance-V8-V11

  • Lord of the Dance- V11
  • River Dance- V8

Shortcake Boulder- V3-V4

  • Mama tried- V3
  • Shortcake- V4

Smoked Out Crack House-V1-V9

  • 300- V9
  • Flick Your Bic- V1
  • Smoked out Crack- V6

The Big Roof- V5-V11

  • Dead Beat- V2
  • Dune- V9
  • Honeycomb- V10
  • pig pen- V7
  • Reconciliation- V5
  • Sandblasting Skin- V8
  • Torpedo- V7
  • Vapor Lock- V11

Primitive Camping is allowed at the nearby Buzzard Point, but you should get a permit.

Hotels and Lodging You may choose to get a hotel in Chattanooga or Dayton, both are about equal driving distance and there are several to choose from in the area, way too many to list.

Laurel-Snow is located north of Dayton and is accessible via Highway 27/29. From the north turn right, and from the south turn left, onto Walnut Grove Road north of Dayton (new Eckerd Drug on corner). Proceed 3/4 of a mile to Back Valley Road (pass La-Z-Boy factory) and turn left. On Back Valley Road, proceed 0.7 miles to an unmarked gravel road/Richland Creek Road (small white church on the left) and turn right. Proceed about 1 mile to the parking area at the end of Richland Creek Road.

Laurel-Falls- From the Dayton Pocket Wilderness parking you have quite a long hike ahead of you (half of it uphill). Just follow the trails to Laurel Falls, and you end at the base of the cliff on the right side.

Latitude: 35.0487
Longitude: -85.4077