Muscatatuck Park, Indiana (IN)


Muscatatuck Park, Indiana
United States
38° 59' 5.28" N, 85° 37' 31.8" W

Just a few miles north of the Ohio River, across a wheat field and through the Hoosier National Forest, you will find Muscatatuck Extreme Sports Park waiting to be explored.  Muscatatuck boasts as Indiana’s best climbing area, especially for those who love bouldering so bring your crash pad.  Muscatatuck uses the John Sherman V-grade system to rate their bouldering, V0 being the easiest and V16 the most difficult.  There are still a few routes for the climber who feels naked without a top rope and overall the limestone rocks present a fun and energizing climbing experience, as long as none of the ghosts from the local Muscatatuck Urban Training Center/former State Hospital come along to trip you up…

Climbing/Bouldering Routes

Heinousness Wall-  Along the base of the stone steps all that can be seen is this wall.  Some technical footwork is required.   There are four sectors of this area:

  • Canyon Creek Shelf- V4 Short with a horizontal roof
  • The “H” Boulders- V0-V4 A group of several boulders near the river.  There is one that could prove to be tricky, can you find it?
  • The Circuit Sector- V0 Fun and easy, a great learning experience.
  • The Glass Onion- V0-V3 A great warm up with a few twists and turns!
  • Vinegar Mills Ruins- NO CLIMBING!

Strawberry Fields- Just past the stairs and into the woods are seven boulders lying in wait.

  • Hoosier Mama- V0-V6 Lots of great warm-ups, but watch out for the Corn Fields and Who’s Your Daddy which can prove to be more than you bargained for.
  • The Roof Sector- V0-V10 This area holds the Testify boulder, which proves to be the hardest in the area. 
  • The Tarot Sector- V0-V4 This sector is filled with lots of warm ups and great pockets.
  • The Octopus Garden- V0-V6 This route is just like the name, squirmy and flaky, great for the intermediate climber.
  • Somewhere over the Rainbow-V0-V4 Just like Dorothy Gail you will spin in circles climbing up down and around these easy slopes.
  • The Friendly Boulders- V0 This is a beginner’s area, excellent for learning.
  • The Mushroom Wall- V0-V2 Simple and easy, this sector is just a step up from the Friendly Boulders.

The Tangerine Wall – Ready for a challenge? The tangerine sector lies past the footbridge and is loaded with some higher spots with lots of interesting secrets just around the boulder.

  • The Cult Boulder- V0-V3 A great run for newbies!
  • The Zeppelin Boulder- V0-V4 The two main boulders are definitely easy, but seasonally a 3rd boulder is available on the river.
  • The Pink Boulder- V0-V5 Lots of easy warm ups are on this set of boulders, with a fun V5 called the Thigh Master for those climbers who like to start out upside down.
  • Prometheus Sector- V0-V4 This sector is for the Pigpen in all of us.  This is an easier run, but very dirty with bad landings.
  • The Hobbit Sector- V0-V4 A small and simple section, still quite dirty like the Prometheus, but with good edges.

The Peach Wall- V0-V4 Many of the climbs here top out on or traverse to the large ledge in the center of the cliff, this ledge is called “I.T.” by the regular climbers.  

Heitzman Wall- A NEW wall, not yet open, but may open this season once it is cleaned and better trails are developed.  

The Muscatatuck Park now offers sewer sites and pull-throughs in addition to the primitive camping sites previously offered.  Bathroom facilities, picnic tables and fire pits are available. Individuals wanting to stay for over two weeks must contact the Visitor Center and sign a usage agreement that basically insures that you help keep our campgrounds clean and aesthetic for all customers.  Water is off in the campground and camp shower house November 1st till approximately April 1st.   

Full hookup (sewer/water/electric) - $23 per night
Electric/water camping - $16 per night
Primitive camping - $10 per night
Firewood (20 pieces) - $10  
Phone: 812-346-2953

Comfort Inn 150 FDR Drive, North Vernon, IN 47265-6453
Phone: (812) 352-9999  

Downtown Bed & Breakfast
51 North Madison Avenue, North Vernon, IN 47265
Phone: (812) 346-3078

Directions The Park's main entrance and Visitor Center are 1.2 miles from the intersection of US 50 and State Highway #3 & #7. Muscatatuck Park is less than 15 miles from Interstate 65, and approximately one hour from Indianapolis, Louisville, and Cincinnati.  The park's back entrance is located one parallel ( to highway #3, & #7) road from the previous description. Gum street intersects with US 50 about 1000 feet before the intersection with State Highway #3 & #7. Back entrance is 1.2 mile from this intersection.

Note: coming from the interstate-you will encounter INDOT signs that lead you to the back gate. They initially take you down Norris Avenue (first stoplight in town), after about a half a mile there is another sign (this sign is under the yield sign) that directs you to turn left on White street. White street take you to Gum street and another sign that directs you to turn right. Here it is about a half mile to back gate. Norris Ave, Gum Street, and State Highway #3/#7 all parallel each other. West gate is on Gum 1.2 miles from US 50. East gate is on State Highway #3 & #7 1.2 miles from US 50.

Muscatatuck Park, Indiana - Rock Climbing and Bouldering

Latitude: 38.9848
Longitude: -85.6255