Pot Point, Tennessee (TN)


Pot Point, Tennessee
United States
35° 4' 45.12" N, 85° 23' 38.04" W

Pass over a large natural bridge, which is invigorating enough in itself, and you can gain one of the most fantastic views in Tennessee. From Pot Point you can see much of the Tennessee River Gorge, Raccoon Mountain, and the Raccoon Mountain Pumped Storage Plant. Just think, you can see all of this before you get to your primary destination, Pot Point, to do some great bouldering. Lots of solid sandstone in a great variety of grades offers hundreds of problems that are waiting to be discovered here at Pot Point. The routes here are not well defined and for the most part have not been rated, but it is a beautiful location and is definitely worth mentioning.

Climbing Routes

Drama Force
Great Roof
Aura V2
Drama Queen V3
Napolean Dynamite V2
Pootie Tang V5
Ka Taka Taka V0
Holy War V5
It’s cool to pee in your pants V5
Classic that was V4
Forty Licks V4
Rite of Passage V2
Trogdor the burninator V5
Kings Gambit V6
Love Handles V4

You will see the McNabb Gulf Campsite on the drive up to the natural bridge. This is a primitive campsite and there is no charge to camp there. No phone number is provided. If you have questions about Pot Point contact; Micah Gentry - micahgentry@gmail.com

From Chattanooga: Take Hwy 27N from Downtown Chatty- Take Signal Mtn. exit towards Signal Mtn- Turn left on Suck Creek Road (US27N) and follow it up Suck Creek Canyon. Atop the Canyon turn left at the brown Prentice Cooper sign. Follow the brown Prentice Cooper signs (1 more turn) until inside the main gated Prentice Cooper area. Once inside the gate, go 6.5 miles down the main road (Tower Road). Turn left onto Davis Pond. After .3mi park at Davis Pond parking lot next to pond. Park at Davis Pond if roads are closed. Or you can continue past pond and bear right at fork and go another 0.8 mile to obvious cul-de-sac. This pull-off is marked "P" on the map. From here, hike to Pot Point Trail (see map) for Sandtown area. For Alpha area, follow road another 0.2 miles and you'll see it on your right.

Latitude: 35.0792
Longitude: -85.3939