Red River Gorge, Kentucky (KY)


Red River Gorge, Kentucky
United States
37° 46' 59.16" N, 83° 40' 59.16" W

Miguel's Pizza Red River Gorge, Kentucky (KY)

In my opinion, the best and most diverse climbing within proximity of the Midwest.  This a large, beautiful area nested in and around the Daniel Boone National Forest with thousands of acres of sandstone and over 2,600 established routes - lot of sport and trad routes. 

The Red River Gorge Rock Climbs guide is a must have for climbers heading to east Kentucky:

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Camp at Miguel's Pizza for $2 per person per day (and most amazing pizza on the planet) or our favorite Lago Linda Hideaway well worth the $5 per person per day.  Both have showers and other amenities. 

The GPS Coordinates are to Miguel's Pizza.  Once there, you can get trail guides and there are a lot fellow climbers to point you towards where you want to go.

Latitude: 37.7831
Longitude: -83.6831