Strouds Run and Richland Boulder, Ohio (OH)


Strouds Run and Richland Boulder
United States
39° 20' 24.72" N, 82° 1' 28.2" W

Strouds Run and Richland Boulder are two more bouldering locations in Athens, Ohio.  Strouds Run State Park is located in the scenic forested hills of Athens County, in the midst of the unglaciated Appalachian Plateau. Although untouched by the vast ice sheets that moved across portions of the state over 12,000 years ago, the effects of the glaciers can be seen today in the deep ravines and high hills of Strouds Run. Stream valleys served as outlets for torrents of glacial meltwaters. The erosion power of these waters began carving valleys and hillsides into the familiar topography Ohioans know today. Richland boulder lies just off of Richland and has a variety of intermediate problems.

Climbing Routes

Richland Boulder

Stream Boulder- V3-V6

  • Jack The Ripper- V6 This problem goes right up through the fracture system on the boulder. Lots of injuries to the body and the mind are possible on this wicked rock.
  • Bunny Hop- V3 A little mantle makes for a nice finish to this route.
  • Glory Hound- V5 Small pockets and nice crimps help support a problematic route.
  • The Mayor- V4 Jump start to a nice shelf and finish off with the mantle.

Unrated and Unsolved Routes

  • Get Up For Your Rights
  • Stand Up For Your Rights
  • Project 2
  • Project 3

Strouds Run

Dam Boulders- V0-V3

  • Dam Friction- V3 Hand friction and a good jump start will help you solve this problem.
  • Litter Box- V1 This warm up has a fun, easy mantle.
  • Right Arete- V1 Great for beginners, good learning opportunity.
  • Sketchy- V0 The inward leaning arête is quite interesting.
  • Snot Face- V1 A nice concave area makes this route unique.
  • Sweet Pickins’- V2 The nicest line at Strouds, it is on the west side of the boulder.

Unrated and Unsolved Routes
    Sandy Dandy
    Splooge Nugget


Happy Hills Campground
22245 SR 78
Nelson, Ohio
Phone- 740-385-6720

Ohio University Inn
331 Richland Avenue
Athens, Ohio 45701
Phone- 866-593-6661

Strouds Run- Take HWY 50 east to the Dam end of Strouds run. Park in the parking lot and take the trail up to the earth dam. Once on the top take the trail to the right not the fishing trail that goes alon the lake, and not the one that heads up to Indian mound. But the one that goes inbetween. Hike about 500ft untill you see a small foot path up to the boulder. There is one boulder here and the other one is 400 ft past it.

Richland Boulder- Climbing has currently been prohibited until further notice.  We will update directions when they resolve this problem.

Latitude: 39.3402
Longitude: -82.0245