Suicide Bowl, Michigan (MI)


Suicide Bowl, Michigan
United States
46° 28' 55.92" N, 87° 37' 36.12" W

The name Negaunee comes from a Native American word nigani (Ojibwa tribe) meaning "foremost, in advance, leading," which was determined to be the closest Obijwa translation for pioneer. The neighboring town of Ishpeming, whose name means "on the summit," often interpret Ishpeming as Heaven and tell the unknowing that Negaunee means Hell. "Caving grounds" have been reopened to the community and renamed as Old Towne. Residents can now tour Old Towne to visit the sites of historical family homes [markers have been erected] and mining artifacts can be observed. Just on the outside of this community on Suicide Road, you can find the Suicide Bowl. You can see the Suicide Ski Jump from the top of the crag.

Climbing Routes

Suicide Bowl Crag- 5.7-5.12c

  • Highway to Heaven- 5.8 This different zig-zag crack is both interesting and challenging. (Sport)
  • Honest Abe’s Unwiped Crack- 5.7 This dirty little route is a nice warm up. (Traditional)
  • Scrotum Direct- 5.11a Small holds and deliberate moves make this route both challenging and a learning experience each time you climb it. (Sport)
  • Turbo Midget- 5.12c Short, fun, and deadly! (Sport)
  • Arbor Day- 5.10a This route is easier than it looks. (Sport)
  • Berke’s Kitchen- 5.9 This wet and slippery climb can be traversed three different ways with varying difficulty. (Sport)
  • Bonestorm- 5.10c Stay left for the direct route on this climb. (Traditional/Sport)
  • El Matador- 5.10a A wet route with a tricky bulge. (Traditional/Sport)
  • Evolution- 5.7 Pick your poison on this route. To top rope or not to top rope? (Sport/Top Rope)
  • Fifth Grade Science Project- 5.10a Great crimps step it up on the second half of this climb. (Sport)

Horseshoe Lake Campground and RV Park
840 Horseshoe Lake Road
Gwinn, Michigan 49841
Phone: 906 346-9937

Tall Pines Motel
349 US Highway 41 E
Negaunee, MI
Phone: 906-475-6608

From Marquette, drive into Negaunee on Route 41, take a left just before Teal Lake. Grandma T's pasty shop will be on that corner. You should now be on bus28. It will take one right, and then one left, and then it will curve to the right and become straighter. You will be on the outskirts of the neighborhood. Drive west for a couple minutes. You will see a suicide bowl ski jump sign on your left. This road is called Cliffs Drive/Suicide Bowl Road.

Latitude: 46.4822
Longitude: -87.6267