Tennessee Wall, Tennessee (TN)


Tennessee Wall, Tennessee
United States
35° 4' 18.12" N, 85° 23' 59.64" W

Tennessee Wall, or T-Wall as it is called by most climbers, is one of best locations for climbing, no matter what the weather is!  Tennessee Wall sits high up on the rim of the Tennessee River Gorge; the cliff is part of the Prentice Cooper Wildlife Management Area. Because the cliff-face faces south, the Tennessee Wall can get extremely hot during most summer months, but offers a great climb during the winter months. The best time to visit is September through June.  This cliff was founded by climber Rob Robinson, and is littered with amazing cracks and a plethora of cliffs for every type of climbing enthusiast! Climbing is not allowed at the following locations:

  • Indian Rock House - an archeological site.
  • Snooper's Rock
  • Bluffview at the end of Tower Road

Climbing Routes

T-Wall North (Orange Blossom Wall) - 5.7-5.12d This is the premier climbing area at T-Wall and typically the most populated area. There are many classic routes within a short walk down the trail. (All Traditional Sandstone)

  • Electric Rats- 5.10c
  • Cake Walk- 5.10a
  • Digital Macabre- 5.10b
  • Finagle- 5.9
  • Finger Lockin- 5.10c
  • Fly- 5.11b
  • Golden Locks- 5.8
  • In Pursuit- 5.9
  • Infinite Pursuit- 5.10d
  • Jay Walker- 5.7
  • Razorworm- 5.8
  • Seal Test- 5.8
  • Steeplechase- 5.11c
  • Stone Wave- 5.11b
  • Super Slide- 5.10b
  • The Sweep- 5.10a
  • Airborne- 5.9
  • Nutrasweet- 5.7
  • Prerequisite- 5.8
  • Corner Pockets- 5.10a
  • Molly and Rocket- 5.8
  • A Day's Work- 5.10a
  • A Tension Span- 5.9
  • Ain't so easy- 5.9
  • Art- 5.8
  • Atom Smasher- 5.11a
  • Blind Date- 5.7
  • Blood on the Rocks- 5.10c
  • Brazen Serpent- 5.11c
  • Burn- 5.12d
  • Can-O-Worms- 5.8
  • Celestial Mechanics- 5.12c
  • Centerfold- 5.10a
  • Centerfold Direct- 5.10b
  • Clip N Trip- 5.11a
  • Competitive Edge- 5.11c
  • Contents Under- 5.9
  • Crackattack- 5.10b
  • Crash Position- 5.9
  • Crazy Hooker- 5.9
  • Devil's Guard- 5.7
  • Digital Display- 5.9
  • Dirt Bag- 5.8
  • Electric rats- 5.10c
  • Exodus- 5.10c
  • Exposed Aggregate- 5.7
  • Fill in the blanks- 5.10a
  • Forbidden Fruit- 5.11a
  • Golden Gloves- 5.10b
  • Golden Locks- 5.8

T-Wall South- 5.5-5.13a Great amazing climbs near the waterfall area. (All Traditional Sandstone)

  • Talon- 5.8
  • Silver Spurs- 5.10b
  • A nice place- 5.9
  • A Turn of the Page- 5.10b
  • Circus Circus- 5.8
  • Come and Get It- 5.11c
  • Dark Star- 5.13a
  • Elevation- 5.11c
  • In Sight of Power- 5.8
  • Mass Transit- 5.7
  • One Slip- 5.5
  • Only on Earth- 5.11d
  • Open Casket- 5.9
  • Passages- 5.8
  • Path of the Misfits- 5.8
  • Personal Victories- 5.10a
  • Psycho Path- 5.13b
  • Quick and Dirty- 5.8
  • Relative Humility- 5.11c
  • Ribbon Cracks- 5.7
  • Sole Searcher- 5.6
  • Sole Searcher- 5.6
  • Stone Hinge- 5.12c
  • The Message- 5.13a
  • Tribal Babysitter- 5.8
  • Voodoo Child- 5.12d
  • Where lizards go- 5.10a
  • Wild Pink Direct- 5.10a

Camping is limited to the spots near the parking lot. This is NOT an officially recognized campsite by the Forest Service or TWRA so please be very low impact. Camping on the north side of the road is prohibited. In other words, camping at the crag or on the way up to the crag is prohibited. Camp fires are also prohibited at the crag and elsewhere north of the road. There is free camping at the Wildlife Management Area campground at the Main Entrance to Prentice-Cooper on top of the mountain.

Raccoon Mountain Campground
319 West Hills Road Chattanooga, TN 37419
Phone- (423) 821-9403

From I-24 entering Chattanooga from the west, get off on the exit to downtown (Hwy 27). Cross the bridge into North Chattanooga and get off on the exit for Hwy 127 toward Signal Mt. Stay on this road and pass through 2 lights and continue until you pass the Subway, then turn left. Stay on this road for around 4 miles until you pass a little market on the left, cross the short bridge, and take an immediate left. Stay on this narrow road along the river for 7 miles until you see signs that indicate "No Parking on Pavement" and pull off into the small parking area on the left. The trail is about 50 ft. before the main parking area on the opposite side of the road.

Latitude: 35.0717
Longitude: -85.3999