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Rock climbing is not your average sport. Not only does it require guts, determination, and incredible strength, but it leaves you suspended high up in the air hanging off a rock face. Who does that? We do, that’s who! The makers of Climb Midwest know that the challenge that comes with rock climbing is exactly the thing that keeps us wanting more.

We wanted to help climbers everywhere achieve their personal bests by providing critical resources in an easily accessible place. On our site, you can get climbing information, connect with others, and shop from the largest selection of climbing gear anywhere.

Our store is dedicated 100% to gear exclusively for climbers. So, with us you know you’ll find exactly what you need at the best prices possible. More people are reaching a higher ground with Climb Midwest.

Do you love climbing as much as we do? If so, you'll love our website. With the all the information and great deals on climbing gear that we provide, there's nothing you can't climb!

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